Pay Your Car Tax Online: You Will Spare Time via Online Payments

Paying your car tax online is perhaps the easiest and fastest way of accomplishing this task.  Using the Internet is a friendly way of bypassing the multiple trips to a local administration centre to pay various taxes. That being said, paying your car tax online will require you to perform the same steps and the same paperwork as the traditional method would require you to do, but you will do that in the comfort of your home.

In order to pay you car tax online, you are required to:

  • be the registered official user of the vehicle and to have your name, vehicle information and address up to date at the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency;
  • have a Vehicle License Application, a Statutory Off Road Notification or a Registration Certificate;
  • have an insurance policy that covers the day when the tax disc comes into effect;
  • have a valid Ministry of Transportation test, Goods Vehicle License or PSV test on the day the car tax disc starts to take effect;
  • have a credit/credit card, with at least £2.50 left/covered (in the case of a credit card);

car tax onlineIn the case of paying your car tax online with a certificate of exemption, you will be required to know the date of birth, the surname and the national registered insurance number of the person that was issued the exemption certificate, together with the serial number of the certificate itself. A credit or debit card is not required when paying the car tax online, in the class of disabled tax payers.

When paying your car tax online, your MOT/ insurance/ exemption certificate is tested electronically. A tax disc will be issued 5 working days later.

It is useful to know that, if you have recently purchased a car, you should not attempt to pay your vehicle tax via the online method. Wait until you receive or logbook from the DVLA, otherwise you may see you tax disc sent to the previous car owner. Also, if the tax disc and insurance policy are due on the same date, you may experience some issues when you need to check insurance in between MID updates. If this is the case, you can check if the MID was updated prior to paying your car and road tax online.

Applying for the tax disc requires you to have:

  • the 16 digit referral serial situated in the green quadrant of your Vehicle License Application/ Statutory Off Road Notification
  • the 11 digit referral serial displayed  on the front side of your certificate of registration and your vehicle number of registration;
  • your Certificate of Entitlement to DLA or periodic DLA entitlement certificate
  • a debit or credit card


car tax onlineIn the case of loss, deterioration or damage of your tax disc, you will need to get a duplicate of your tax disc. You simply need to head to the nearest Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency office, fill out a V20 certificate, present a registration certificate and pay a £7 fee.

Your tax disc must be displayed on the passenger side of the vehicle it has been purchased for. Do not display a new tax disc before the old one expires. Keep in mind that the tax disc is only valid beginning with the first moth that you have been taxed for. In the case of electronically purchased tax discs, you are exempted from displaying the disc for the first five days of the month, in order to give you time for the disc to arrive. You are still required to display your old tax disc however, and it only functions if you have paid for the new disc before the old one expired. This is important since you cannot register your car for a six month disc if it belongs in the car tax bands ranging from A to D. This is because, since 2010, cars that belong to bands A through D are taxed with 0 when they are first registered.

car tax onlineA trip to a DVLA office, waiting in queue and getting back to what you were doing is not a welcome sidetrack; thus, being able to pay your car tax online is a real boon.